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Health experts recommend five to thirteen servings of vegetables and fruits per day. But unless you are already consuming a chock-full of greens, we suggest that you take in more veggies and fruits. Now, you can give your body a daily dose of nutrients by drinking Pure Jus’ colourful and yummy Regular blends.


Not a fan of veggies? Give our blends a shot. After trying Pure Jus, we’re pretty sure you’ll be taking a selfie holding our regular blend, complete with the caption: #convert.

Nature doesn’t hurry but It delivers. 🌿



Are you guilty of stuffing your body with potato chips, cupcakes, and fast food junk? Have you been flooding your Instagram and Facebook account with pictures of your regular tequila shots, beer, and Jack Coke? If you answered a resounding yes; then Buddy it’s high time that you start cleansing your system!



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