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Our Juicy Story

Pure Jus was born out of a choice to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. It was started by Kristal Hierco-Reyes last March 2013 as a personal effort to lead a more nourishing life through exercise and juicing. The results thrilled her. Not only did she shed off some weight but her skin also became clearer, her eyes brighter, and her energy revitalized. The radiance brought about by this change in lifestyle was immediately noticed by everyone around her. She started sharing her story with the hope of promoting the benefits of juicing. Her passion quickly turned into a business opportunity based on the insistence and encouragement of family and friends. She believes that its a non stop learning," Health Books will always be my friends."Juicing is her art and passion, you should always know whats your goal in every blend you make. You will always be amazed how your body can heal through the power of plants. Now, Pure Jus is celebrating its 6th year of giving people better Health and Vibrancy through our Premium Juices and Detox Programs.



Excited for a new week of pressing some
Today, Pure Jus continues to spread the love by offering the best and tastiest juices made only from finest organic produce. Our drinks are made of 100% Premium and organic fresh fruits and vegetables. This means no preservative. No added sugar. No added water. No fillers. Only PURE JUS' love. We use state-of-the art cold-press juicers to retain the nutrients and vital enzymes found in fruits and vegetables. Then,  bottled, sealed, and delivered  fresh to your doorstep. Every. Single. Day.
Why Pure Jus?
  Because We Have Hundreds of Clients Who can Testified How They Felt After  Doing Our Detox Programs and Consuming Pure Jus' Blends. Time for YOU to Feel and See the Difference. This is one of the best investments you can give to your Health and Well Being. So, What are you waiting for?
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